This API is available on Firefox OS for privileged or certified applications only.


The exposureCompensation property value is a number used to compensate the camera exposure.

This property is read-only; to change the exposure, you need to call the CameraControl.setExposureCompensation() method.

Acceptable values for this property must range from the value of the CameraCapabilities.minExposureCompensation property to the value of the CameraCapabilities.maxExposureCompensation property in steps of the CameraCapabilities.stepExposureCompensation property.

Invalid values are rounded to the nearest valid value.


var exposure = instanceOfCameraControl.exposureCompensation


Return a number representing the current exposure compensation.


var options = {
  camera: navigator.mozCameras.getListOfCameras()[0]
function onSuccess( camera ) {
  var exposure = camera.exposureCompensation;

  console.log('Exposure compensation: ' + exposure);

navigator.mozCameras.getCamera(options, onSuccess)


Not part of any specification; however, this API should be removed when the WebRTC Capture and Stream API has been implemented.

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