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<input type="button">

The HTML <input type="button"> element is a specific version of the <input> element used to create a clickable button with no default value. It has been superseded in HTML5 by the <button> element.
Element HTML Input Element Reference

<input type="date">

The HTML <input type="date"> element is a specific version of the <input> element used to create an input field accepting a date.
Element HTML Input Element NeedsCompatTable Reference


The HTMLInputElement interface provides special properties and methods for manipulating the layout and presentation of input elements.
API HTML DOM HTMLInputElement Input Interface NeedsContent NeedsMarkupWork Reference


The :-moz-placeholder pseudo-class represents any form element displaying placeholder text. This allows web developers and theme designers to customize the appearance of placeholder text, which is a light grey color by default. This may not work well if you've changed the background color of your form fields to be a similar color, for example, so you can use this pseudo-class to change the placeholder text color.
CSS CSS Pseudo-class CSS Reference Input Placeholder Non-Standard Non-standard Placeholder


The HTML element <input> is used to create interactive controls for web-based forms in order to accept data from the user. How an <input> works varies considerably depending on the value of its type attribute.
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