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Adding search engines from web pages

Firefox allows JavaScript code to install search engine plugins, and supports two search engine plugin formats: OpenSearch, and Sherlock.
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A PromiseWorker is a ChromeWorker except instead of calling postMessage() to send a message, you call post(), which returns a Promise. JavaScript files imported into the worker scope and main thread scope which allows posting to the worker and receiving in the form of a promise. Like ChromeWorker objects, PromiseWorker is mostly used for js-ctypes but it is not limited to that. There is no XPCOM access, similar to ChromeWorker. This answers the question "When should I use a PromiseWorker?", and the answer is, whenever you would normally use a ChromeWorker, but want postMessage to return promises.
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The Plugin interface provides information about a browser plugin.
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The DataTransferItemList.add() method creates a new DataTransferItem using the specified data and adds it to the drag data list. The item may be a File or a string of a given type. If the item is successfully added to the list, the newly-created DataTransferItem object is returned.
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The add() method of the DataStore interface adds a new record to the data store; if the record you are attempting to add already exists, it will throw an exception.
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