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The overflow-wrap property is used to specify whether or not the browser may break lines within words in order to prevent overflow when an otherwise unbreakable string is too long to fit in its containing box.
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The unicode-bidi CSS property together with the direction property relates to the handling of bidirectional text in a document. For example, if a block of text contains both left-to-right and right-to-left text then the user-agent uses a complex Unicode algorithm to decide how to display the text. This property overrides this algorithm and allows the developer to control the text embedding.
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The :-moz-focusring CSS pseudo-class is similar to the :focus pseudo-class, but it only matches an element if the element is currently focused and a focus ring or other indicator should be drawn for that element. If :-moz-focusring matches, then :focus also matches, but the converse is not always true - it depends on whether the user agent has focus ring drawing enabled and how the element was focused. Whether the user agent has focus ring drawing enabled can depend on things like the settings of the operating system the user is using, so the precise behavior of this pseudo-class can vary from platform to platform depending on each platforms' particular focus best practices (defaults) or user modified settings.
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The bleed at-rule descriptor specifies the extent of the page bleed area outside the page box. This property only has effect if crop marks are enabled using the marks property.
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The font-variant-east-asian CSS property controls the usage of alternate glyphs for East Asian scripts, like Japanese and Chinese.
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The font-variant-numeric CSS property controls the usage of alternate glyphs for numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers.
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The font-variant-position CSS property controls the usage of alternate glyphs of smaller size positioned as superscript or subscript regarding the baseline of the font, which is set unchanged. These glyphs are likely to be used in <sub> and <sup> elements.
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The outline-offset CSS property is used to set space between an outline and the edge or border of an element. An outline is a line that is drawn around elements, outside the border edge.
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The touch-action CSS property specifies whether, and in what ways, a given region can be manipulated by the user (for instance, by panning or zooming).
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The system descriptor specifies the algorithm to be used for converting the integer value of a counter to a string representation. It is used in a @counter-style to define the behavior of the defined style.
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Using CSS gradients

CSS gradients are new types of <image> added in the CSS3 Image Module. Using CSS gradients lets you display smooth transitions between two or more specified colors. This lets you avoid using images for these effects, thereby reducing download time and bandwidth usage. In addition, because the gradient is generated by the browser, objects with gradients look better when zoomed, and you can adjust your layout much more flexibly.
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The font-variant-ligatures CSS property controls which ligatures and contextual forms are used in textual content of the elements it applies to. This leads to more harmonized forms in the resulting text.
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The mask-position CSS property sets the initial position, relative to the mask position layer defined by mask-origin for each defined mask image.
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The table-layout CSS property defines the algorithm to be used to layout the table cells, rows, and columns.
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