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The ErrorEvent interface represents events providing information related to errors in scripts or in files.
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The Worker() constructor creates a Worker object that executes the script at the specified URL. This script must obey the same-origin policy.
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The Worker interface of the Web Workers API represents a background task that can be easily created and can send messages back to its creator. Creating a worker is as simple as calling the Worker() constructor and specifying a script to be run in the worker thread.
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The onmessage property of the Worker interface represents an EventHandler, that is a function to be called when the message event occurs. These events are of type MessageEvent and will be called when the worker's parent receives a message (i.e. from the DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.postMessage method.
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The postMessage() method of the Worker interface sends a message to the worker's inner scope. This accepts a single parameter, which is the data to send to the worker. The data may be any value or JavaScript object handled by the structured clone algorithm, which includes cyclical references.
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The terminate() method of the Worker interface immediately terminates the Worker. This does not offer the worker an opportunity to finish its operations; it is simply stopped at once.
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