The close() method of the MessagePort interface disconnects the port, so it is no longer active. This stops the flow of messages to that port.
The close() method of the Notification interface is used to close a previously displayed notification.
The close() method of the AudioContext Interface closes the audio context, releasing any system audio resources that it uses.
The connection is not actually closed until all transactions created using this connection are complete. No new transactions can be created for this connection once this method is called. Methods that create transactions throw an exception if a closing operation is pending.
The MediaKeySession.close() method notifies that the current media session is no longer needed, and that the content decryption module should release any resources associated with this object and close it. Then, it returns a Promise.
The close() method of the MozNFCTag interface closes a current NFC Tag session.
The close() method of the WorkerGlobalScope interface discards any tasks queued in the WorkerGlobalScope's event loop, effectively closing this particular scope.
The close() method of the DataStoreCursor interface makes a request to terminate the cursor.