An object representing the source of the request, such as an IDBIndex, IDBObjectStore or IDBCursor.
The seekable read-only property of the HTMLMediaElement returns a TimeRanges object that contains the time ranges that the user is able to seek to, if any.
The length read-only property of the TrackDefaultList interface returns the number of TrackDefault objects in the list.
The TrackDefault() getter method of the TrackDefaultList interface allows the TrackDefault objects in the list to be accessed with an array operator (i.e. [].)
The TrackDefaultList() constructor of the TrackDefaultList interface constructs and returns a new TrackDefaultList object.
The source read-only property of the VRLayer interface (dictionary) defines the canvas whose contents will be presented by the VRDisplay.
The addSourceBuffer() method of the MediaSource interface creates a new SourceBuffer of the given MIME type and adds it to the MediaSource's SourceBuffers list.
The duration property of the MediaSource interface gets and sets the duration of the current media being presented.
The endOfStream() method of the MediaSource interface signals the end of the stream.