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Attempts to get the user's attention. How this happens varies based on OS and window manager.
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Returns the number of frames (either <frame> or <iframe> elements) in the window.
API DOM DOM Reference Gecko Property Reference Window


The window.requestIdleCallback() method queues a function to be called during a browser's idle periods. This enables developers to perform background and low priority work on the main event loop, without impacting latency-critical events such as animation and input response. Functions are generally called in first-in-first-out order unless the function's timeout is reached before the browser calls it.
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The ChildNode interface contains methods that are particular to Node objects that can have a parent.
API DOM Experimental Interface Node


The ChildNode.remove() method removes the object from the tree it belongs to.
API ChildNode DOM Experimental Method


The DOM CompositionEvent represents events that occur due to the user indirectly entering text.
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Indicates whether the document is rendered in Quirks mode or Standards mode.
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createCDATASection() creates a new CDATA section node, and returns it.
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createComment() creates a new comment node, and returns it.
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Creates an element with the specified namespace URI and qualified name.
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Creates an event of the type specified. The returned object should be first initialized and can then be passed to element.dispatchEvent.
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This method compiles an XPathExpression which can then be used for (repeated) evaluations.
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The Document.documentURIObject read-only property returns an nsIURI object representing the URI of the document.
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Returns an XPathResult based on an XPath expression and other given parameters.
API DOM Method Reference XPath


Returns an HTMLCollection of elements with the given tag name. The complete document is searched, including the root node. The returned HTMLCollection is live, meaning that it updates itself automatically to stay in sync with the DOM tree without having to call document.getElementsByTagName() again.
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