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The MouseEvent interface represents events that occur due to the user interacting with a pointing device (such as a mouse). Common events using this interface include click, dblclick, mouseup, mousedown.
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The MouseEvent.metaKey read-only property returning a Boolean that indicates if the Meta key was pressed (true) or not (false) when the event occured.
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A pointer is a hardware agnostic representation of input devices (such as a mouse, pen or contact point on a touch-enable surface). The pointer can target a specific coordinate (or set of coordinates) on the contact surface such as a screen.
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The ProgressEvent interface represents events measuring progress of an underlying process, like an HTTP request (for an XMLHttpRequest, or the loading of the underlying resource of an <img>, <audio>, <video>, <style> or <link>).
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The ProgressEvent.initProgressEvent() method Initializes an animation event created using the deprecated Document.createEvent("ProgressEvent") method.
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Using server-sent events

The server-sent event API is contained in the EventSource interface; to open a connection to the server to begin receiving events from it, create a new EventSource object specifying the URI of a script that generates the events. For example:
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The TouchEvent() constructor creates a new TouchEvent.
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The PromiseRejectionEvent.promise read-only property indicates the JavaScript Promise which has been rejected. You can examine the event's PromiseRejectionEvent.reason property to learn why the promise was rejected.
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The PromiseRejectionEvent.reason read-only property is any JavaScript value or Object which provides the reason passed into Promise.reject(). This in theory provides information about why the promise was rejected.
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The onvrdisplayconnected property of the SpeechSynthesis interface represents an event handler that will run when a compatible VR device has been connected to the computer (when the vrdisplayconnected event fires).
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