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The HTMLMediaElement.audioTracks property is an AudioTrackList that represents the list of AudioTrack objects contained in the element.
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The HTMLMediaElement.playbackRate property sets the rate at which the media is being played back. This is used to implement user controls for fast forward, slow motion, and so forth. The normal playback rate is multiplied by this value to obtain the current rate, so a value of 1.0 indicates normal speed.
API HTML DOM HTMLMediaElement Property


The HTMLSelectElement interface represents a <select> HTML Element. These elements also share all of the properties and methods of other HTML elements via the HTMLElement interface.
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The HTMLSelectElement.disabled Is a Boolean that reflects the disabled HTML attribute, which indicates whether the control is disabled. If it is disabled, it does not accept clicks. A disabled element is unusable and un-clickable.
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The RadioNodeList interface represents a collection of elements in a <form> or a <fieldset> element.
API HTML DOM Interface RadioNodeList


The WindowBase64 helper contains utility methods to convert data to and from base64, a binary-to-text encoding scheme. For example it is used in data URIs.
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In browsers, document.defaultView returns the window object associated with a document, or null if none is available.
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The links property returns a collection of all <area> elements and <a> elements in a document with a value for the href attribute.
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The GlobalEventHandlers mixin describes the event handlers common to several interfaces like HTMLElement, Document, or Window. Each of these interfaces can implement more event handlers.
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The onblur property returns the onBlur event handler code, if any, that exists on the current element.
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The onchange property sets and returns the event handler for the change event.
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The onclick property returns the click event handler code on the current element.
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An event handler property for right-click events on the window. Unless the default behavior is prevented (see examples below on how to do this), the browser context menu will activate (though IE8 has a bug with this and will not activate the context menu if a contextmenu event handler is defined). Note that this event will occur with any non-disabled right-click event and does not depend on an element possessing the "contextmenu" attribute.
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