name gets or sets the name property of a DOM object; it only applies to the following elements: <a>, <applet>, <button>, <form>, <frame>, <iframe>, <img>, <input>, <map>, <meta>, <object>, <param>, <select>, and <textarea>.
The Element.scrollWidth read–only property returns either the width in pixels of the content of an element or the width of the element itself, whichever is greater. If the element is wider than its content area (for example, if there are scroll bars for scrolling through the content), the scrollWidth is larger than the clientWidth.
HTMLDocument is an abstract interface of the DOM which provides access to special properties and methods not present by default on a regular (XML) document.
The HTMLFormElement.acceptCharset property represents a list of the supported character encodings for the given FORM element. This list can be comma- or space-separated.
The HTMLFormElement.encoding property is an alternative name for the enctype element on the DOM HTMLFormElement object.
The HTMLFormElement.enctype property is the MIME type of content that is used to submit the form to the server. Possible values are:
The HTMLFormElement.method represents the HTTP method used to submit the form.
The property represents the name of the current form element as a string.
The HTMLFormElement.reset() method restores a form element's default values. This method does the same thing as clicking the form's reset button.
The HTMLFormElement.submit() method submits the form. This method does something similar to activating a submit button of the form.
The property represents the target of the action (i.e., the frame to render its output in).
Constructor for creating an HTMLOptionElement. The Option constructor is from the very early days of DOM scripting and has non–standard syntax, but has ubiquitous support in browsers.
HTMLOptionsCollection is an interface representing a collection of HTML option elements (in document order) and offers methods and properties for traversing the list as well as optionally altering its items. This type is returned solely by the "options" property of select.
The HTMLStyleElement.type read-only property returns the type of the current style.
The HTMLTableElement.align property represents the alignment of the table.
The HTMLTableElement.bgcolor property represents the background color of the table.
The HTMLTableElement.border property represents the border width of the table element.
The HTMLTableElement.cellPadding property represents the padding around the individual cells of the table.
The HTMLTableElement.cellSpacing represents the spacing around the individual cells of the table.