The type property of the MozNDEFRecord interface ... fill in description of what it does
A DOMString specifying the shape of oscillator wave. The different available values are:
The <blend-mode> type is a collection of keywords describing blend modes.
The <transform-function> CSS data type denotes a function applied to an element's representation in order to modify it. Usually such transform may be expressed by matrices and the resulting images can be determined using matrix multiplication on each point.
The <url> CSS data type denotes a pointer to a resource. It has no proper syntax and can only be expressed through the url() functional notation.
The read-only DataTransferItem.type property returns the type (format) of the DataTransferItem object representing the drag data item. The type is a Unicode string generally given by a MIME type, although a MIME type is not required.
The type read-only property of the TrackDefault interface returns the type of track that this SourceBuffer's media segment data relates to (i.e. audio, video, or text track.)