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The ValidityState interface represents the validity states that an element can be in, with respect to constraint validation. Together, they help explain why an element's value fails to validate, if it's not valid.
API Constraint Validation API Forms HTML DOM Interface


The VRDisplayCapabilities interface of the WebVR API describes the capabilities of a VRDisplay — its features can be used to perform VR device capability tests, for example can it return position information.
API Interface Reference Virtual Reality VR VRDisplayCapabilities WebVR


The VRLayer interface (dictionary) of the WebVR API represents a content layer (an HTMLCanvasElement or OffscreenCanvas) that you want to present in a VR HMD.
API Dictionary Experimental Interface Reference Virtual Reality VR VRLayer WebVR


The VRStageParameters interface of the WebVR API represents the values describing the the stage area for devices that support room-scale experiences.
API Experimental Interface Reference Virtual Reality VR VRStageParameters WebVR


The WheelEvent.deltaZ read-only property is a double representing the scroll amount along the z-axis, in the WheelEvent.deltaMode unit.
DOM Interface Property Read-only Reference Référence WheelEvent


WindowTimers is a mixin used to provide utility methods which set and clear timers. No objects of this type exist; instead, its methods are available on Window for the standard browsing scope, or on WorkerGlobalScope for workers.
API HTML DOM Interface Intervals Mixin Reference Timers Workers


The Worker interface of the Web Workers API represents a background task that can be easily created and can send messages back to its creator. Creating a worker is as simple as calling the Worker() constructor and specifying a script to be run in the worker thread.
API DOM Interface JavaScript Reference Référence Web Workers Worker Workers


The WorkerNavigator interface represents a subset of the Navigator interface allowed to be accessed from a Worker. Such an object is initialized for each worker and is available via the WorkerGlobalScope.navigator property obtained by calling window.self.navigator.
API HTML DOM Interface Reference Web Workers WorkerNavigator Workers


The AudioChannelManager interface of the AudioChannels API includes features for managing your device's audio channels, including setting what channel's volume to affect when the volume buttons are pressed inside a particular app.
API Audio audio AudioChannelManager AudioChannels Firefox OS Interface Non-standard Reference