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The VRDisplay interface of the WebVR API represents any VR device supported by this API. It includes generic information such as device IDs and descriptions, as well as methods for starting to present a VR scene, retrieving eye parameters and display capabilities, and other important functionality.
API DOM Experimental Expérimental Interface Media Reference Référence Virtual Reality VR VRDisplay WebVR


The CallEvent interface of the Web Telephony API represents events related to telephone calls.
API B2G CallEvent Event Events events Firefox OS Interface Mobile Non-standard Reference Référence Telephony WebAPI


The FileSystemEntry interface of the File and Directory Entries API represents a single in a file system. The entry can be a file or a directory (directories are represented by the DirectoryEntry interface. It includes methods for working with files—including copying, moving, removing, and reading files—as well as information about a file it points to—including the file name and its path from the root to the entry.
API Entry File and Directory Entries API File System API Files Interface Non-standard Non-Standard Offline offline Reference


The FileSystemFileEntry interface of the File System API represents a file in a file system. It offers properties describing the file's attributes, as well as methods for creating a FileWriter object to write to the file or a File object to read the file.
API File and Directory Entries API File API File System API FileEntry Files Interface Offline offline Reference