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The sendTones() method of the Telephony Interface generates multiple DTMF tones, with a specified duration for each tone, and an optional delay before generation starts. The tones are sent to the currently active call.
API B2G Certified DOM Firefox OS Method Mobile Non-standard Reference Référence sendTones Telephony


The state read-only property of the TelephonyCallGroup interface returns a DOMString indicating the state of the call group.
API B2G Certified Firefox OS Mobile Non-standard Property Reference Référence State state Telephony TelephonyCallGroup


Returns the maximum number of pixels that the document can be scrolled vertically.
API DOM_0 HTML DOM NeedsCompatTable NeedsExample NeedsMarkupWork NeedsSpecTable Non-standard Property Reference Référence Window


The CallEvent interface of the Web Telephony API represents events related to telephone calls.
API B2G CallEvent Event Events events Firefox OS Interface Mobile Non-standard Reference Référence Telephony WebAPI