Returns the build identifier of the browser.
Returns a Boolean value indicating whether cookies are enabled or not (read-only).
Return the maximum number of simultaneous touch contact points are supported by the current device.
Returns a MimeTypeArray object, which contains a list of MimeType objects representing the MIME types recognized by the browser.
The Node.baseURI read-only property returns the absolute base URL of a node.
The Node.lastChild read-only property returns the last child of the node. If its parent is an element, then the child is generally an element node, a text node, or a comment node. It returns null if there are no child elements.
The Node.nodeName read-only property returns the name of the current node as a string.
The Node.nodeValue property returns or sets the value of the current node.
The Node.previousSibling read-only property returns the node immediately preceding the specified one in its parent's childNodes list, or null if the specified node is the first in that list.
The NodeIterator.filter read-only method returns a NodeFilter object, that is an object implement an acceptNode(node) method, used to screen nodes.
The NodeIterator.root read-only property represents the Node that is the root of what the NodeIterator traverses.
The NodeIterator.whatToShow read-only property represents an unsigned integer representing a bitmask signifying what types of nodes should be returned by the NodeIterator.
The NonDocumentTypeChildNode.nextElementSibling read-only property returns the element immediately following the specified one in its parent's children list, or null if the specified element is the last one in the list.
The ParentNode.childElementCount read-only property returns an unsigned long representing the number of child elements of the given element.
Node.children is a read-only property that returns a live HTMLCollection of the child elements of Node.