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The MozWakeLock.unlock() method releases the lock on the resource. If several locks have been taken on the resource, each of them needs to be released individually.
API Firefox OS Method MozWakeLock Non-standard Reference Wake Lock API


The navigator.getDataStores() method provides access to a list of the Data Store API data stores available on the device.
API Data Store Data Store API Firefox OS Method Navigator Reference


Returns a MozAlarmsManager object you can use to schedule notifications or applications to be started at a specific time.
alarm API B2G Firefox OS Non-standard Non-Standard Property WebAPI


The mozNfc property returns a MozNFC object that can be used to access Firefox OS's NFC functionality: Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short range radio technology used to exchange data and tags between mobile devices by tapping them together or moving them close to each other.
API Device API Firefox OS NFC API Property Reference Web NFC