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The sendTones() method of the Telephony Interface generates multiple DTMF tones, with a specified duration for each tone, and an optional delay before generation starts. The tones are sent to the currently active call.
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The startTone() method of the Telephony Interface begins generating the tone for the specified DTMF character. The tone is sent to the currently active call, and continues to sound until a corresponding call to Telephony.stopTone().
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The state read-only property of the TelephonyCallGroup interface returns a DOMString indicating the state of the call group.
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Media formats supported by the HTML audio and video elements

The <audio> and <video> elements provide support for playing audio and video media without requiring plug-ins. Video codecs and audio codecs are used to handle video and audio, and different codecs offer different levels of compression and quality. A container format is used to store and transmit the coded video and audio (both together, the case of a video with a soundtrack). Many combinations of codecs and container formats exist, although only a handful of these are relevant on the Web.
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The CallEvent interface of the Web Telephony API represents events related to telephone calls.
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