The Navigator.mozIsLocallyAvailable() method allows add-ons to determine whether or not a given resource is available.
The Node.getUserData() method returns any user DOMUserData set previously on the given node by Node.setUserData().
The Node.localName read-only property returns the local part of the qualified name of this node.
The Node.namespaceURI read-only property returns the namespace URI of the node, or null if the node is not in a namespace. When the node is a document, it returns the XML namespace for the current document.
The Node.prefix read-only property returns the namespace prefix of the specified node, or null if no prefix is specified.
The Node.setUserData() method allows a user to attach (or remove) data to an element, without needing to modify the DOM. Note that such data will not be preserved when imported via Node.importNode, as with Node.cloneNode() and Node.renameNode() operations (though Node.adoptNode does preserve the information), and equality tests in Node.isEqualNode() do not consider user data in making the assessment.
XDomainRequest is an implementation of HTTP access control (CORS) that worked in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. It was removed in Internet Explorer 10 in favor of using XMLHttpRequest with proper CORS; if you are targeting Internet Explorer 10 or later, or wish to support any other browser, you need to use standard HTTP access control.
Opens an XDomainRequest which is configured to use a given method (GET/POST) and URL.
Returns the response body of an XDomainRequest as a string.
The HTML Applet Element (<applet>) identifies the inclusion of a Java applet.
The HTML basefont element (<basefont>) establishes a default font size for a document. Font size then can be varied relative to the base font size using the <font> element.
The HTML Big Element (<big>) makes the text font size one size bigger (for example, from small to medium, or from large to x-large) up to the browser's maximum font size.
The HTML Blink Element (<blink>) is a non-standard element causing the enclosed text to flash slowly.