Fired when a static <script> element  finishes executing its script. Does not fire if the element is added dynamically, eg with appendChild().
The method opens a document for writing.
Releases mouse capture if it's currently enabled on an element within this document. Enabling mouse capture on an element is done by calling element.setCapture().
Returns the node which is the target of the current tooltip.
Writes a string of text to a document stream opened by
Writes a string of text followed by a newline character to a document.
The DOMImplementation interface represent an object providing methods which are not dependent on any particular document. Such an object is returned by the Document.implementation property.
The DOMTimeStamp type represents an absolute or relative number of milliseconds, depending on the specification in which it appears.
Returns the Attr node for the attribute with the given namespace and name.
The EncryptedMediaExtenstions API provides interfaces for controlling the playback of content which is subject to a digital restrictions management scheme.
The HTMLFormElement.reportValidity() method returns true if the element's child controls satisfy their validation constraints. Whenfalse is returned, cancelable invalid events are fired for each invalid child and validation problems are reported to the user.