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The url read-only property of the Client interface returns the URL of the current service worker client.
API Client Experimental Expérimental Property Reference Référence Service Workers url URL


The ExtendableEvent interface extends the lifetime of the install and activate events dispatched on the global scope as part of the service worker lifecycle. This ensures that any functional events (like FetchEvent) are not dispatched until it upgrades database schemas and deletes the outdated cache entries.
API Experimental ExtendableEvent Interface Offline offline Reference Service Workers ServiceWorker Workers

Using the Push API

The W3C Push API offers some exciting new functionality for developers to use in web applications: this article provides an introduction to getting Push notifications setup and running, with a simple demo.
API Experimental Guide JavaScript Push Push API Service Workers web push


The endpoint read-only property of the PushSubscription interface returns a DOMString containing the subscription ID associated with the push subscription.
API Deprecated Experimental Property Push Push API PushSubscription Reference Service Workers subscriptionId