Scrolls the window to a particular place in the document.
Scrolls to a particular set of coordinates in the document.
Returns the number of pixels that the document has already been scrolled horizontally.
Returns the number of pixels that the document has already been scrolled vertically.
The DataTransfer object is used to hold the data that is being dragged during a drag and drop operation. It may hold one or more data items, each of one or more data types. For more information about drag and drop, see HTML Drag and Drop API.
Returns the rotation of the device around the Y axis; that is, the number of degrees, ranged between -90 and 90, by which the device is turned left or right. See Orientation and motion data explained for details.
Gets/sets the domain portion of the origin of the current document, as used by the same origin policy.
Returns the height of the document object. In most cases, this is equal to the <body> element of the current document.
The HTMLElement.offsetWidth read-only property returns the layout width of an element. Typically, an element's offsetWidth is a measurement which includes the element borders, the element horizontal padding, the element vertical scrollbar (if present, if rendered) and the element CSS width.
The property returns a CSSStyleDeclaration object that represents only the element's inline style attribute, ignoring any applied style rules.  See the CSS Properties Reference for a list of the CSS properties accessible via style.
Accepts two optional parameters: Image([unsigned long width, unsigned long height])