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The Text.splitText() method breaks the Textnode into two nodes at the specified offset, keeping both nodes in the tree as siblings.
API DOM Method Text


The Text.wholeText read-only property returns all text of all Text nodes logically adjacent to the node. The text is concatenated in document order.  This allows to specify any text node and obtain all adjacent text as a single string.
API DOM Property Text


The TreeWalker.currentNode property represents the Node on which the TreeWalker is currently pointing at.
API DOM Property TreeWalker


The TreeWalker.filter read-only property returns a NodeFilter that is the filtering object associated with the TreeWalker.
API DOM Property TreeWalker


The TreeWalker.root read-only property returns the node that is the root of what the TreeWalker traverses.
API DOM Property TreeWalker


The TreeWalker.whatToShow read-only property returns an unsigned long being a bitmask made of constants describing the types of Node that must to be presented. Non-matching nodes are skipped, but their children may be included, if relevant. The possible values are:
API DOM Property TreeWalker


The read-only property ValidityState.tooLong indicates if the value of an <input> or <textarea>, after having been edited by the user, exceeds the maximum code-unit length established by the element's maxlength attribute.
API DOM Property Reference


Shifts focus away from the window.
API DOM Gecko Method


This method clears the action specified by window.setImmediate.
API DOM Method


Makes a request to bring the window to the front. It may fail due to user settings and the window isn't guaranteed to be frontmost before this method returns.
API DOM Gecko Method


Moves the window one document forward in the history. This was a Gecko-specific method. Use the standard history.forward method instead.
API DOM Method


This method stops window loading.
API DOM Method stopwindowloading


The WindowEventHandlers.onafterprint property sets and returns the onafterprint EventHandler for the current window.
API DOM printing Property


The property onbeforeprint sets and returns the onbeforeprint event handler code for the current window.
API DOM printing Property