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The HTMLTrackElement interface provides access to the properties of <track> elements, as well as methods to manipulate them.
API HTML DOM HTMLTrackElement Interface NeedsNewLayout Reference


The HTMLUListElement interface provides special properties (beyond those defined on the regular HTMLElement interface it also has available to it by inheritance) for manipulating unordered list elements.
API HTML DOM Interface Reference Référence


The HTMLUnknownElement interface represents an invalid HTML element and derives from the HTMLElement interface, but without implementing any additional properties or methods.
API HTML DOM Interface Reference Référence


The ImageBitmapFactories mixin interface contains utility methods to create an ImageBitmap. There is no object of this type, but the two interfaces Window, available within the regular browsing scope, and the WorkerGlobalScope interface for workers, implement this interface.
API Canvas Interface Mixin Reference Workers


The ImageBitmapRenderingContext interface is a canvas rendering context which only provides the functionality to replace the canvas's contents with the given ImageBitmap. Its context id (the first argument to HTMLCanvasElement.getContext() or OffscreenCanvas.getContext()  is "bitmaprenderer".
API Canvas Experimental Interface OffscreenCanvas Reference


KeyboardEvent objects describe a user interaction with the keyboard. Each event describes a key; the event type (keydown, keypress, or keyup) identifies what kind of activity was performed.
API DOM Event Interface Reference UI Events


The LinkStyle interface allows to access the associated CSS style sheet of a node.
API CSSOM Interface NeedsBrowserCompatibility Reference Référence


The Location interface represents the location (URL) of the object it is linked to. Changes done on it are reflected on the object it relates to. Both the Document and Window interface have such a linked Location, accessible via Document.location and Window.location respectively.
API HTML DOM Interface Location Reference


The MediaDevicesInfo interface contains information on the available media input and output devices.
API Experimental Interface Media MediaDevicesInfo WebRTC


A MediaElementSourceNode has no inputs and exactly one output, and is created using the AudioContext.createMediaElementSource method. The amount of channels in the output equals the number of channels of the audio referenced by the HTMLMediaElement used in the creation of the node, or is 1 if the HTMLMediaElement has no audio.
API Interface MediaElementAudioSourceNode Reference Web Audio API


A MediaQueryList object maintains a list of media queries on a document, and handles sending notifications to listeners when the media queries on the document change.
API CSSOM View Experimental Interface NeedsBrowserCompatibility Reference


A MediaElementSourceNode has no inputs and exactly one output, and is created using the AudioContext.createMediaStreamSource method. The amount of channels in the output equals the number of channels in AudioMediaStreamTrack. If there is no valid media stream, then the number of output channels will be one silent channel.
API Interface MediaStreamAudioSourceNode Reference Web Audio API