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The Presentation can be defined as two possible user agents in the context: Controlling user agent and Receiving user agent.
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A PresentationAvailability object is associated with available presentation displays and represents the presentation display availability for a presentation request. If the controlling user agent can monitor the list of available presentation displays in the background (without a pending request to start()), the PresentationAvailability object MUST be implemented in a controlling browsing context.
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The PresentationConnection interface of the Presentation API provides methods and properties for managing a single presentation. Each presentation connection is represented by a PresentationConnection object. Both the controlling user agent and receiving user agent MUST implement PresentationConnection.
API Experimental Interface Presentation API PresentationConnection Reference


The PresentationConnection.send() method of the PresentationConnection interface sends either binary or text data between a controlling browsing context and a presenting browsing context.
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The PresentationConnectionAvailableEvent interface of the Presentation API is fired on a PresentationRequest when a connection associated with the object is created.
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