CSS Shapes is a CSS module that defines geometric shapes for use in CSS values.
The shape-margin CSS property adds a margin to shape-outside.
The shape-outside CSS property uses shape values to define the float area for a float and will cause inline content to wrap around the shape instead of the float's bounding box.
The <basic-shape> type can be specified using basic shape functions. When using this syntax to define shapes, the reference box is defined by each property that uses <basic-shape> values. The coordinate system for the shape has its origin on the top-left corner of the reference box with the x-axis running to the right and the y-axis running downwards. All the lengths expressed in percentages are resolved from the used dimensions of the reference box.
Shapes can be specified for shape-outside with a <shape-box> type, which is a reference to edges in the CSS Box Model
The shape-image-threshold CSS property defines the alpha channel threshold used to extract the shape using an image as the value for shape-outside. A value of 0.5 means that the shape will enclose all the pixels that are more than 50% opaque.