A JavaScript shell allows you to quickly test snippets of JavaScript code without having to reload a web page. They are extremely useful for developing and debugging code.
The EXT_shader_texture_lod extension is part of the WebGL API and adds additional texture functions to the OpenGL ES Shading Language which provide the shader writer with explicit control of LOD (Level of detail).
The WEBGL_compressed_texture_atc extension is part of the WebGL API and exposes 3 ATC compressed texture formats. ATC is a proprietary compression algorithm for compressing textures on handheld devices.
Mozilla supports a number of extensions to CSS that are prefixed with -moz-.
The -moz-text-blink non-standard Mozilla CSS extension specifies the blink mode.
The non-standard -moz-float-edge CSS property specifies whether the height and width properties of the element include the margin, border, or padding thickness.
The -moz-user-focus CSS property is used to indicate whether the element can have the focus.
The seekable read-only property of the HTMLMediaElement returns a TimeRanges object that contains the time ranges that the user is able to seek to, if any.
The addSourceBuffer() method of the MediaSource interface creates a new SourceBuffer of the given MIME type and adds it to the MediaSource's SourceBuffers list.