The HTMLMediaElement.playbackRate property sets the rate at which the media is being played back. This is used to implement user controls for fast forward, slow motion, and so forth. The normal playback rate is multiplied by this value to obtain the current rate, so a value of 1.0 indicates normal speed.
The HTMLMediaElement.autoplay property reflects the autoplay HTML attribute, indicating whether playback should automatically begin as soon as enough media is available to do so without interruption.
The HTMLMediaElement.canPlayType() method determines whether the specified media type can be played back.
The HTMLMediaElement.controller property represents the media controller assigned to the element.
The HTMLMediaElement.controls property reflects the controls HTML attribute, which controls whether user interface controls for playing the media item will be displayed.
The HTMLMediaElement.crossOrigin property is the CORS setting for this image element. See CORS settings attributes for details.
The HTMLMediaElement.currentTime property gives the current playback time in seconds. Setting this value seeks the media to the new time.
The HTMLMediaElement.defaultMuted property reflects the muted HTML attribute, which indicates whether the media element's audio output should be muted by default. This property has no dynamic effect. To mute and unmute the audio output, use the muted property.
The HTMLMediaElement.defaultPlaybackRate property indicates the default playback rate for the media.
The HTMLMediaElement.duration property gives the length of the media in seconds, or zero if no media data is available.
The HTMLMediaElement.loop property reflects the loop HTML attribute, which controls whether the media element should start over when it reaches the end.
The HTMLMediaElement.mediaGroup property reflects the mediagroup HTML attribute, which indicates the name of the group of elements it belongs to. A group of media elements shares a common controller.
The HTMLMediaElement.muted indicates whether the media element muted.
The read-only HTMLMediaElement.paused property tells whether the media element is paused.
The HTMLMediaElement.src property reflects the value of the HTML media element's src attribute, which indicates the URL of a media resource to use in the element.
The HTMLMediaElement interface adds to HTMLElement the properties and methods needed to support basic media-related capabilities that are common to audio and video. The HTMLVideoElement and HTMLAudioElement elements both inherit this interface.