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any-hover is a CSS media feature that can be used to check whether any available input mechanism allows the user to hover over elements.
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any-pointer is a CSS media feature that can be used to check whether any available input mechanism is a pointing device, and if so, how accurate it is.
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device-height is a deprecated CSS media feature whose value is the height of the rendering surface of the output device, as a CSS <length>.
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Using URL values for the cursor property

Gecko 1.8 (Firefox 1.5, SeaMonkey 1.0) supports URL values for the CSS cursor property on Windows and Linux. Mac support was added in Gecko 2 (Firefox 4). This allows specifying arbitrary images as mouse cursors — any image format supported by Gecko can be used.
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A CSSMatrix represents a homogeneous 4x4 matrix to which 2D or 3D transforms can be applied. This class was allegedly part of CSS Transitions Module Level 3 at some point, but is not present in the current Working Draft. Use DOMMatrix instead.
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Introduction to the DOM

This section provides a brief conceptual introduction to the DOM: what it is, how it provides structure for HTML and XML documents, how you can access it, and how this API presents the reference information and examples.
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This method indicates whether the current browser is Java-enabled or not.
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Returns a MimeTypeArray object, which contains a list of MimeType objects representing the MIME types recognized by the browser.
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Represents a DTD notation (read-only). May declare format of an unparsed entity or formally declare the document's processing instruction targets. Inherits methods and properties from Node. Its nodeName is the notation name. Has no parent.
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