This feature is not on a current W3C standards track, but it is supported on the Firefox OS platform. Although implementations may change in the future and it is not supported widely across browsers, it is suitable for use in code dedicated to Firefox OS apps.

This API is available on Firefox OS for privileged or certified applications only.

The findAll() method of the HTMLIFrameElement searches for a string in a browser <iframe>'s text content; if found, the first instance of the string relative to the caret position will be highlighted.

Invoking this method results in a mozbrowserfindchange event firing, which carries details about the search results.

Note: Use of the Browser API requires a privileged app, and browser and/or embed-apps permissions, depending on what you want to do. See Using the Browser API for more details.


instanceOfHTMLIframeElement.findAll(searchString, caseSensitivity);




The string you want to search for in the browser <iframe>'s text.
A string to declare whether you want the search to be case sensitive (case-sensitive) or insensitive (case-insensitive.)


The following function is taken from our Browser API demo, and executes a search when a search form is submitted. See Implementing the search bar for more explanation.

searchForm.addEventListener('submit', function(e) {
  browser.findAll(searchBar.value, 'case-sensitive');
  searchActive = true;
  prev.disabled = false;
  next.disabled = false;


Not part of any specification.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported Not supported
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support Not supported Not supported 2.5 Not supported Not supported Not supported

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