This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.


The status property value provides the current connection status.


var status = instanceOfMozWifiStatusChangeEvent.status


A string, one of the following:

  • connecting: the device enters the connection workflow.
  • associated: the device is connected to an access point but does not have an IP address yet.
  • connected: the device is fully connected via wifi and ready.
  • connectingfailed: the device was unable to connect itself to a network.
  • disconnected: the device was connected to a network but has disconnected for any reason.
  • wps-timedout: a WPS connection attempt has timed out.
  • wps-failed: a WPS connection attempt failed.
  • wps-overlapped: a WPS connection attempt overlapped another one (this happens when two networks in the same area allow a pbs connection at the same time).


Not part of any specification.

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