This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.


The getKnownNetworks method is used to retrieve the whole list of WiFi networks the device knows, regardless if they are available or not in the area surrounding the device. A known network is any network the device previously associated with by using the WifiManager.associate() method.


var request = navigator.mozWifiManager.getKnownNetworks();


It returns a DOMRequest to handle the success or error of the operation. If the operation is successful, the request's result is an Array of Network object.


Those objects are regular JavaScript objects with the following properties:

ssid Read only
A string representing the ssid of the network.
bssid Read only
A string representing the bssid of the network.
capabilities Read only
An array of strings representing the special abilities of the network (currently, only WPS is supported).
security Read only
An array of strings representing the security model of the network (currently supports WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA-EAP).
signalStrength Read only
A number indicating the absolute strength of the signal in dBm.
relSignalStrength Read only
A number in the range [0,100] indicating the relative strength of the signal.
connected  Read only
A boolean indicating if the device is connected to that network.
known Read only
A boolean indicating if the network is already known by the device (it has been used already).


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