The property onbeforeprint sets and returns the onbeforeprint event handler code for the current window.


window.onbeforeprint = event handling code


Some browsers (including Firefox 6 and later and Internet Explorer) send beforeprint and afterprint events to let content determine when printing may have occurred. You can use this to adjust the user interface presented during printing (such as by displaying or hiding user interface elements during the print process).

The event beforeprint is raised before the print job dialog appears.


Browser compatibility

Feature Firefox (Gecko) Chrome Internet Explorer Opera Safari
Basic support 6.0 no (Yes) no no
Feature Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Android IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
? ? ? ? ? ?

See also

  • window.print
  • window.onafterprint
  • Printing
  • It's able to do equivalent things in Webkit-based browser with matchMedia('print')
  • JavaScript
    var mediaQueryList = window.matchMedia('print');
    mediaQueryList.addListener(function(mql) {
        if (mql.matches) {


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