App localization

This set of articles provides information for developers wishing to provide localized versions of their apps.


Getting started with app localization
This tutorial provides a detailed guide to app localization.
Connecting developers and translators with Transifex
This article explores the use of Transifex for managing translation work, both for app developers and localizers.


L10n.js reference
This article provides a reference for the l10n.js library, and its associated date helper, l10n_date.js.
Internationalization helpers: IntlHelper and mozIntl
This article looks at how Firefox OS handles localization of dates, times, numbers and collators from version 2.5 onwards, using the Internationalization API and Gaia's built in helpers, IntlHelper and mozIntl.
App localization code best practices
Localization best practices and advanced techniques for experienced Gaia/app developers.
Developing Bidi Apps
Best coding practices and guidelines for developing bi-directional (left-to-right and right-to-left, RTL) apps.


Translation tester
This app is for testing translations for Firefox OS apps and provides a blueprint for adding translation support to your own apps.


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