The tnf property of the MozNDEFRecord interface contains the Type Name Format (3-bit field) of the record. This field is required.

Possible tnf values are:

  • tnf_empty: 0x0
  • tnf_well_known: 0x1
  • tnf_mime_media: 0x2
  • tnf_absolute_uri: 0x3
  • tnf_external_type: 0x4
  • tnf_unknown: 0x5
  • tnf_unchanged: 0x6
  • tnf_reserved: 0x7


readonly attribute octet tnf;


var tnf     = 0x1;                                                    // NFC Forum Well Known type
var type    = new Uint8Array(NfcUtils.fromUTF8("U"));                 // URL type
var id      = new Uint8Array(NfcUtils.fromUTF8(""));                  // id
var payload = new Uint8Array(NfcUtils.fromUTF8("\")); // URL data, with a short record prefix 0x3 replacing http://

var ndefRecords = [new MozNDEFRecord(tnf, type, id, payload)];


An octet.


The NFC implementation in Gecko follows the NFC Forum specifications.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support

No support

No support No support No support No support
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS (Gecko) IE Phone Opera Mobile Safari Mobile
Basic support No support No support 2.0 moz [1] No support No support No support

[1] Available in privileged apps as of Firefox OS 2.2; certified-only before that.

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