This API is available on Firefox OS for internal applications only.

The MozWifiP2pGroupOwner is an interface that represents the group owner of WiFi Direct connection.


This interface doesn't inherits any property.

MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.groupName Read only
Returns a DOMString giving the name of the group this is the owner.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.macAddress Read only
Returns a DOMString with the MAC address of the owner.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.ipAddress Read only
Returns a DOMString with the IP address of the owner.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.passphrase Read only
Returns a DOMString with the passphrase to access the group.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.ssid Read only
Returns a DOMString with the SSID of the group.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.wpsCapabilities Read only
Returns an Array of DOMString indicating the method of configuration of the wirelesse connection. Valid values are:
  • "pbc" (push-button connection), the connection can be activated by a negotiation between both devices, without the user interacting.
  • "display", the device display a PIN on its display and expect it to be entered by the peer before activating the connection.
  • "keypad", the connection is activated by entering a PIN code on the keypad. It is the symmetric of "display".
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.freq Read only
Returns an unsigned long with the frequency used by this group.
MozWifiP2pGroupOwner.isLocal Read only
Returns a Boolean telling if the group is only on the local network or not.


This interface doesn't implement, nor inherit, any method.


This is a non-standard API, not on an any standard track.

Browser compatibility

Feature Chrome Firefox (Gecko) Internet Explorer Opera Safari (WebKit)
Basic support No support No support No support No support No support
Feature Android Firefox Mobile (Gecko) Firefox OS IE Mobile Opera Mobile Safari Mobile Chrome for Android
Basic support No support No support 1.4 No support No support No support No support

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