Check for window state:

State value Descrption
STATE_MAXIMIZED 1 The window is maximized.
STATE_MINIMIZED 2 The window is minimized.
STATE_NORMAL 3 The window is normal.
STATE_FULLSCREEN 4 The window is in full screen mode.


<code class="brush: js">if (window.windowState === 1) {} // check if window is maximized
<code class="brush: js">else if (window.windowState === 2) {} // check if window is minimized
<code class="brush: js">else if (window.windowState === 3) {} // check if window is normal
<code class="brush: js">else if (window.windowState === 4) {} // check if window is in fullscreen mode
else {}</code></code></code>


More info on window events and window.state can be seen here.



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