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The getSettings() method of the MediaStreamTrack interface returns a MediaTrackSettings object containing the current values of each of the constrainable properties for the current MediaStreamTrack. See "Capabilities and constraints" in Media Capture and Streams API (Media Streams) for details on how to work with constrainable properties.
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The read-only property ValidityState.badInput indicates if the user has provided input that the browser is unable to convert. For example, if you have a mail input element whose content does not have a '@'.
API Constraints API HTML DOM Property Read-only ValidityState


The applyConstraints() method of the MediaStreamTrack interface applies a set of constraints to the track; these constraints let the Web site or app establish ideal values and acceptable ranges of values for the constrainable properties of the track, such as frame rate, dimensions, echo cancelation, and so forth.
API applyConstraints Constraints Media Capture and Streams API Media Streams API MediaStreamTrack Method


The MediaTrackSupportedConstraints dictionary establishes the list of constrainable properties recognized by the user agent or browser in its implementation of the MediaStreamTrack object. An object conforming to MediaTrackSupportedConstraints is returned by MediaDevices.getSupportedConstraints().
API Constraints Dictionary Interface Media Capture and Streams API Media Streams API MediaTrackSupportedConstraints Reference


The MediaTrackSettings dictionary is used to return the current values configured for each of a MediaStreamTrack's settings. These values will adhere as closely as possible to any constraints previously set using applyConstraints(), and will adhere to the default constraints for any properties whose constraints haven't been changed, or whose customized constraints couldn't be matched.
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