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The Navigator.productSub read-only property returns the build number of the current browser.
API DOM Property Read-only


The WebGLRenderingContext.canvas property is a read-only reference to the HTMLCanvasElement or OffscreenCanvas object that is associated with the context. It might be null if it is not associated with a <canvas> element or an OffscreenCanvas object.
Property Read-only WebGL WebGLRenderingContext


The CanvasCaptureMediaStream.canvas read-only property returns the HTMLCanvasElement associated with the stream.
CanvasCaptureMediaStream Experimental Property Read-only Reference Web


The Document.characterSet read-only property returns the character encoding of the current document. The character encoding is the character set used for rendering the document, which may be different from the encoding specified by the page. (The user can override the encoding.).
API Document DOM Property Read-only Reference


The Document.documentElement read-only property returns the Element that is the root element of the document (for example, the <html> element for HTML documents).
API DOM Property Read-only Reference Référence


The Element.classList is a read-only property which returns a live DOMTokenList collection of the class attributes of the element.
API DOM Element Property Read-only Reference


The isTrusted read-only property of the Event interface is a boolean that is true when the event was generated by a user action, and false when the event was created or modified by a script or dispatched via dispatchEvent.
API Event Property Read-only Reference


The HTMLMediaElement.networkState property indicates the current state of the fetching of media over the network.
API HTML DOM Property Read-only Web


The read-only HTMLMediaElement.paused property tells whether the media element is paused.
API HTML DOM HTMLMediaElement Property Read-only


The HTMLSelectElement.form read-only property returns a HTMLFormElement representing the form that this element is associated with. If the element is not associated with of a <form> element, then it returns null.
API HTMLSelectElement Property Read-only Reference


The InputEvent.isComposing read-only property returns a Boolean value indicating if the event is fired after compositionstart and before compositionend.
API InputEvent Property Read-only Reference Référence


The KeyboardEvent.repeat read-only property returns a Boolean that is true if the key is being held down such that it is automatically repeating.
API DOM KeyboardEvent Property Read-only Reference


The MediaError.code is a read-only unsigned short that represents the error:
API MediaError Property Read-only Reference

The read-only property is a DOMString containing 36 characters denoting a unique identifier (GUID) for the object.
MediaStream Property Read-only Reference Web

The read-only property returns a DOMString containing a unique identifier (GUID) for the track; it is generated by the browser.
MediaStreamTrack Property Read-only Reference Référence WebRTC


The read-only property MediaStreamTrack.kind returns a DOMString set to "audio" if the track is an audio track and to "video", if it is a video track. It doesn't change if the track is deassociated from its source.
MediaStreamTrack Property Read-only Reference WebRTC


The read-only property MediaStreamTrack.label returns a DOMString containing a user agent-assigned label that identifies the track source, as in "internal microphone". The string may be left empty and is empty as long as no source has been connected. When the track is deassociated from its source, the label is not changed.
MediaStreamTrack Property Read-only Reference Référence WebRTC


The MediaStreamTrack.remote read-only property allows Javascript to know whether a WebRTC MediaStreamTrack is from a remote source or a local one. It returns a Boolean with a value of true if the track is sourced remotely (that is, sourced by an RTCPeerConnection), or false if it is sourced locally.
MediaStreamTrack Property Read-only Reference WebRTC