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The with statement extends the scope chain for a statement.
Deprecated JavaScript Statement


This declaration creates a constant that can be either global or local to the function in which it is declared. An initializer for a constant is required; that is, you must specify its value in the same statement in which it's declared (which makes sense, given that it can't be changed later).
constants ECMAScript6 JavaScript Reference Statement


The for statement iterates a specified variable over all values of object's properties. For each distinct property, a specified statement is executed.
Deprecated E4X JavaScript Statement


The function* declaration (function keyword followed by an asterisk) defines a generator function, which returns a Generator object.
ECMAScript6 Function Iterator JavaScript Statement


The class declaration creates a new class with a given name using prototype-based inheritance.
Classes Declaration ECMAScript6 JavaScript Ref Statement


The let statement declares a block scope local variable, optionally initializing it to a value.
ECMAScript 2015 ECMAScript6 JavaScript let Statement Variable declaration Variables