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JavaScript technologies overview

Whereas HTML defines a webpage's structure and content and CSS sets the formatting and appearance, JavaScript adds interactivity to a webpage and creates rich web applications.
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ByteString is a UTF-8 String that corresponds to the set of all possible sequences of bytes. ByteString maps to a String when returned in JavaScript; generally, it's only used when interfacing with protocols that use bytes and strings interchangably, such as HTTP.
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Adopts a node from an external document. The node and its subtree is removed from the document it's in (if any), and its ownerDocument is changed to the current document. The node can then be inserted into the current document.
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Returns an array-like object of all child elements which have all of the given class names. When called on the document object, the complete document is searched, including the root node. You may also call getElementsByClassName() on any element; it will return only elements which are descendants of the specified root element with the given class names.
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The Element interface represents an object of a Document. This interface describes methods and properties common to all kinds of elements. Specific behaviors are described in interfaces which inherit from Element but add additional functionality. For example, the HTMLElement interface is the base interface for HTML elements, while the SVGElement interface is the basis for all SVG elements.
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insertAdjacentHTML() parses the specified text as HTML or XML and inserts the resulting nodes into the DOM tree at a specified position. It does not reparse the element it is being used on and thus it does not corrupt the existing elements inside the element. This, and avoiding the extra step of serialization make it much faster than direct innerHTML manipulation.
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Dispatches an Event at the specified EventTarget, invoking the affected EventListeners in the appropriate order. The normal event processing rules (including the capturing and optional bubbling phase) also apply to events dispatched manually with dispatchEvent().
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The EventTarget.removeEventListener() method removes the event listener previously registered with EventTarget.addEventListener().
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The contentWindow property returns the Window object of an <iframe> element. You can use this Window object to access the iframe's document and its internal DOM. This attribute is read-only, but its properties can be manipulated like the global Window object.
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The HTMLVideoElement interface provides special properties and methods for manipulating video objects. It also inherits properties and methods of HTMLMediaElement and HTMLElement.
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