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The executeScript() method of the HTMLIFrameElement interface allows a specified script to be executed against a page loaded in the browser <iframe>.
API Browser Browser API DOM API executeScript HTMLIFrameElement Method Non-standard Reference


The EventTarget.removeEventListener() method removes the event listener previously registered with EventTarget.addEventListener().
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Browser API

The HTML Browser API is an extension of the HTML <iframe> element that allows web apps to implement browsers or browser-like applications. It currently works in (privileged) chrome code on Firefox desktop (version 47 and above) and privileged and certified apps on B2G/Firefox OS.
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The findAll() method of the HTMLIFrameElement searches for a string in a browser <iframe>'s text content; if found, the first instance of the string relative to the caret position will be highlighted.
API B2G Browser findAll Firefox OS HTMLIFrameElement Method Non-standard Reference


The findNext() method of the HTMLIFrameElement highlights the next or previous instance of a search result after a findAll() search has been carried out.
API B2G Browser findNext Firefox OS HTMLIFrameElement Method Non-standard Reference