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Encrypted Media Extensions API

The EncryptedMediaExtenstions API provides interfaces for controlling the playback of content which is subject to a digital restrictions management scheme.
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The MediaKeyMessageEvent.message read-only property returns an ArrayBuffer with a message from the content decryption module. Messages vary by key system.
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The MediaKeyMessageEvent.messageType read-only property indicates the type of message. It may be one of license-request, license-renewal, license-renewal, or individualization-request.
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The MediaKeySystemConfiguration interface EncryptedMediaExtensions API provides configuration information about the media key system.
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The MediaKeys interface of EncryptedMediaExtensions API the represents a set of keys that an associated HTMLMediaElement can use for decryption of media data during playback.
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The MediaKeys.createSession() method returns a new MediaKeySession object, which represents a context for message exchange with a content decryption module (CDM).
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The MediaKeys.setServerCertificate() method a Promise to a server certificate to be used to encrypt messages to the license server.
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The MediaKeySession.close() method notifies that the current media session is no longer needed, and that the content decryption module should release any resources associated with this object and close it. Then, it returns a Promise.
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The MediaKeySession.closed read-only property returns a Promise signaling when a MediaKeySession closes. This promise can only be fulfilled and is never rejected. Closing a session means that licenses and keys associated with it are no longer valid for decrypting media data.
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The MediaKeySession.expiration read-only property returns the time after which the keys in the current session can no longer be used to decrypt media data, or NaN if no such time exists. This value is determined by the CDM and measured in milliseconds since January 1, 1970, UTC. This value may change during a session lifetime, such as when an action triggers the start of a window.
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