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The hashchange event fires when a window's hash changes (see location.hash).
HTML-DOM Property Reference Référence WindowEventHandlers


The WindowEventHandlers.onstorage property contains an event handler that runs when the storage event fires. This occurs when a storage area is changed (e.g. a new item is stored.)
API Property Reference Web Storage WindowEventHandlers


The unload event is raised when the window is unloading its content and resources. The resources removal is processed after the unload event occurs.
API MakeBrowserAgnostic NeedsBrowserCompatibility Property Reference Référence WindowEventHandlers


The Window.onrejectionhandled property is an event handler for processing rejectionhandled events, which are raised when Promises are rejected.
API Event Handlers events Events HTML DOM JavaScript onrejectionhandled Promises Property Reference WindowEventHandlers


The Window.onunhandledrejection property is an event handler for processing unhandledrejection events, which are raised for unhandled Promise rejections.
API Event Handler events Events HTML DOM onunhandledrejection Promises Property Reference WindowEventHandlers