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ECMAScript Next support in Mozilla

ECMAScript Next refers to new features of the ECMA-262 standard (commonly referred to as JavaScript) introduced after ECMAScript 6 (ES2015). New versions of ECMAScript specifications are released yearly. This year, the ES2016 specification will be released and the ES2017 is the current ECMAScript draft specification.
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Locating DOM elements using selectors

The Selectors API provides methods that make it quick and easy to retrieve Element nodes from the DOM by matching against a set of selectors. This is much faster than past techniques, wherein it was necessary to, for example, use a loop in JavaScript code to locate the specific items you needed to find.
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New in JavaScript 1.8.1

The following is a changelog for JavaScript 1.8.1. This version was included in Firefox 3.5.
Firefox 3.5 JavaScript Versions

ECMAScript 6 support in Mozilla

ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition) is the current version of the ECMAScript Language Specification standard. Commonly referred to as "ES6", it defines the standard for the JavaScript implementation in SpiderMonkey, the engine used in Firefox and other Mozilla applications.
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The near property tell if there is an object close to the device (true) or not (false).
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Vibration API

Most modern mobile devices include vibration hardware, which lets software code provide physical feedback to the user by causing the device to shake. The Vibration API offers Web apps the ability to access this hardware, if it exists, and does nothing if the device doesn't support it.
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New in JavaScript 1.8.5

The following is a changelog for JavaScript 1.8.5. This version was included in Firefox 4.
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Specifies an event listener to receive disabled events. Those events occur when the device's FM radio is turned off.
API Firefox OS Property Reference WebFM


MozNFC is the top level API for operating in NFC Reader/Writer mode, NFC P2P mode and NFC Card Emulation mode.
API Firefox OS Interface MozNFC NFC Reference


The getNFCPeer() method of the MozNFC interface returns a Peer to Peer DOM object (MozNFCPeer) that can be used to transfer data to another NFC-enabled device.
API Firefox OS Method MozNFC NFC Reference


The getNFCTag() method of the MozNFC interface returns an NDEF tag interface (MozNFCTag object) used to interact with NFC Tags.
API Firefox OS Method MozNFC NFC Reference