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The oninstall property of the Window interface represent the event handler for the install event, which is thrown each time the page is successfully installed as a web app.
API Event Handler Property Reference web manifest Window


The PerformanceTiming.loadEventEnd read-only property returns an unsigned long long representing the moment, in miliseconds since the UNIX epoch, when the load event handler terminated, that is when the load event is completed. If this event has not yet been sent, or is not yet completed, it returns 0.
API Event Handler Navigation Timing PerformanceTiming Property Read-only Reference Référence


Specifies an event listener to receive deviceproximity events. These events occur when the device sensor detects that an object becomes closer to or farther from the device.
API Event Handler Experimental Expérimental NeedsMarkupWork Property Proximity Events Reference Référence Window


The Window.onunhandledrejection property is an event handler for processing unhandledrejection events, which are raised for unhandled Promise rejections.
API Event Handler events Events HTML DOM onunhandledrejection Promises Property Reference WindowEventHandlers