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Returns an Apps object you can use to install, manage, and control Open Web Apps in the browser.
API Apps Apps API Non-standard Property


The Navigator.mozIsLocallyAvailable() method allows add-ons to determine whether or not a given resource is available.
API Method Navigator Non-standard Obsolete


Returns the window to the previous item in the history. This was a Gecko-specific method. Use the standard history.back method instead.
API DOM Gecko Method Non-standard


Registers the window to capture all events of the specified type.
API DOM DOM_0 Gecko Method Non-standard


Prints messages to the (native) console.
API DOM DOM_0 Method Non-standard


window.openDialog() is an extension to It behaves the same, except that it can optionally take one or more parameters past windowFeatures, and windowFeatures itself is treated a little differently.
API DOM DOM_0 Gecko Method Non-standard


Releases the window from trapping events of a specific type.
API DOM DOM_0 Method Non-standard


Scrolls the document by the given number of lines.
API DOM DOM_0 Method Non-standard Window


Returns the maximum number of pixels that the document can be scrolled horizontally.
API DOM DOM_0 Gecko Non-standard Property