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Accepts two optional parameters: Image([unsigned long width, unsigned long height])
API Constructor HTML DOM HTMLImageElement NeedsBrowserCompatibility NeedsContent NeedsMarkupWork NeedsSpecTable Reference Référence


The HTMLInputElement.multiple property indicates if an input can have more than one value. Firefox currently only supports multiple for <input type="file">.
API HTML DOM HTMLInputElement NeedsBrowserAgnosticism NeedsBrowserCompatibility NeedsMarkupWork NeedsSpecTable Property Reference Référence


The HTMLTableElement.rows read-only property returns a live HTMLCollection of all the rows in the table. The rows included in the associated <thead>, <tfoot> and <tbody> elements.
API HTML DOM HTMLTableElement NeedsBrowserCompatibility NeedsSpecTable Property Read-only Reference Référence


The IDBEnvironment interface of the IndexedDB API contains the indexedDB property, which provides access to IndexedDB functionality. It is the top level IndexedDB interface implemented by the window and Worker objects.
access API asynchronous client-side Database DOM IDBEnvironment IndexedDB Interface Reference Référence Storage


The MouseEvent.clientY read-only property returns the vertical coordinate within the application's client area at which the event occurred (as opposed to the coordinates within the page). For example, clicking in the top-left corner of the client area will always result in a mouse event with a clientY value of 0, regardless of whether the page is scrolled vertically.
API CSSOM View DOM Events MouseEvent Property Read-only Reference Référence


The MouseEvent.screenX read-only property provides the horizontal coordinate of the mouse pointer in global (screen) coordinates.
API CSSOM View DOM Events MouseEvent Property Read-only Reference Référence