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The MediaKeySession.remove() method returns a Promise after removing any session data associated with the current object.
API EncryptedMediaExtensions Experimental MediaKeySession Method NeedsExample Reference remove


The DataTransferItemList.remove() method removes the DataTransferItem at the specified index from the list. If the index is less than zero or greater than one less than the length of the list, the list will not be changed.
API DataTransferItemList drag and drop HTML DOM HTML Drag and Drop API Method NeedsLiveSample Reference remove


The remove() method of the SourceBuffer interface removes media segments within a specific time range from the SourceBuffer.
API Audio Experimental Media Source Extensions Method MSE Reference remove SourceBuffer Video


The remove() method of the DataStore interface deletes one or more objects from the current data store.
API B2G Data Store Data Store API Database DataStore Firefox OS Method Reference remove Référence Storage storage