Text Processing

string — Common string operations

Source code: Lib/string.py

re — Regular expression operations

Source code: Lib/re.py

difflib — Helpers for computing deltas

Source code: Lib/difflib.py

textwrap — Text wrapping and filling

Source code: Lib/textwrap.py

unicodedata — Unicode Database

This module provides access to the Unicode Character Database (UCD) which defines character properties for all Unicode characters. The data contained in this database is compiled from the UCD version 13.0.0.

stringprep — Internet String Preparation

Source code: Lib/stringprep.py

readline — GNU readline interface

The readline module defines a number of functions to facilitate completion and reading/writing of history files from the Python interpreter. This module can be used directly, or via the rlcompleter module, which supports completion of Python identifiers at the interactive prompt. Settings made using this module affect the behaviour of both the interpreter’s interactive prompt and the prompts offered by the built-in input() function.

rlcompleter — Completion function for GNU readline

Source code: Lib/rlcompleter.py